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Colonel Daniel Bouchard, Director of the Defence Ethics Programme

Col Daniel Bouchard: I’ve got my glasses, I’m good to go.

Off screen: I do it in really big font, so hopefully that…

Col Daniel Bouchard: Because you’re dealing with older people, right?

I’m Colonel Daniel Bouchard, the director of ethics and conflict of interest. To mark the 20th anniversary of the Defence Ethics Programme, I’m here to take the 60-second challenge.

  1. What is the Defence Ethics Programme?

The Defence Ethics Programme promotes ethics, gives ethics training, and advises all Defence members on conflicts of interest.

  1. How do you manage to balance your work with your personal life?

My wife is a strong woman who tells me when I need to come home and spend more time with the family.

  1. How can members of the Defence Team familiarize themselves with Defence ethics? Visit our website. Also, our new Twitter account will be launched soon. And we have a 1‑800 line.
  2. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I arrested a zombie in Haiti in 1997.

  1. If a member of the Defence Team is facing an ethical dilemma, where can he or she turn for help?

Talk to the chain of command, talk to a mentor, someone you trust, or call us on our 1‑800 line or send us an email.

  1. Why are ethics in the workplace important?

Everyone wants to work in an ethical workplace. Everyone wants to work in an ethical climate that feels healthy. That’s important. With a good ethical climate at work, we can perform better.

That was the 60-second challenge. Okay?

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