The Esprit de Corps Women in Defence Award

A woman in a soldier's uniform sits in front of computers wearing a headset.

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Recognition supports the people-first philosophy of Strong, Secure, Engaged and contributes to the engagement, productivity and operational effectiveness of Defence Team members.

The Esprit de Corps Women in Defence Award is presented to top women who have made outstanding contributions in the Canadian defence sector. Military members, serving or retired, and civilian employees are eligible to receive this award.

Defence Team members are encouraged to take the time to submit nominations. Selected nominees will be featured in Volume 25 Issue 2 (March 2018) edition of Esprit de Corps Magazine thus showcasing our success to a wider audience.

Who is eligible?

The Esprit de Corps Women in Defence Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the Canadian defence sector, whether currently serving in the Forces, working in industry, advocating for serving or veteran members of the Canadian Armed Forces, or involved in a supporting organization at the local, provincial and/or national level. Nominees may be drawn from a stakeholder group across the defence and military worlds including: Canadian Armed Forces (serving or retired members or civilian employees), veterans or military-related (non-governmental) organizations, government (political or bureaucratic), academia, industry.


Awardees will be selected based on the description and/or evidence provided in the nomination, which must clearly show how they are or have contributed to the defence world. Nominees will be evaluated on the following (please provide a short paragraph for each):

1)  Achievement(s) (contribution, certifications, professional affiliations, awards, participation in stakeholder groups, etc.)

2)  Commitment (dedication to service, length of time served in the milieu, examples of commitment to duty or the organization, etc.)

3)  Leadership (role as a mentor or model for others, as a leader to other women and men, inspiring others through advocacy and their passion, etc.)

4)  Impact in breaking down the barricades (on advocating and/or inspiring change, diversity in the workplace or outside organizations, etc.)

5)  Additional information (community involvement, extracurricular activities, etc.)

Submissions are due internally to Grace Olha by January 12, 2018 for review and submission to Esprit de Corps on behalf of DND/CAF.

Please contact the Awards Team with any questions or if you require support with the nomination process.

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