60 Seconds with BGen Rob Roy MacKenzie

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Brigadier-General Rob Roy MacKenzie, Chief of Staff of the Army Reserve


How do your employees make your job easier? Well, I’ll be honest, they’re really smart and they do all the hard work.

Good day, I’m Brigadier-General Rob Roy MacKenzie, Chief of Staff of the Army Reserve, and I’m here to take the ’60 Second Challenge’.

  1. Why should newer members of the reserve continue to serve?

Well I think it’s really about service to Canada, being strong and proud of what you do. And it gives them great life experience.

  1. Is there flexibility to transfer between the Regular and Reserve Force?

Absolutely. We want to retain experience and it is a very easy process, no matter where you go in Canada.

  1. There is a significant effort in increasing the number of Primary Reserves and why?

The effort is to strengthen the Army Reserve, which strengthens the Army. And we want to do that across Canada to make sure that people across Canada reflect who is in the Army today.

  1. What types of qualities are the Army Reserves looking for in reservists?

So we’re looking for straightforward, hardworking Canadians who want to take the challenge to be part of the Canadian Army.

  1. What would college and university students gain from joining the Army Reserves?

Well, there’s a number of things you can gain from your university experience: there’s full-time summer employment throughout the summer that can give you job experience and life experience, whether it’s leadership training or technical expertise and so on.

  1. What is the most valuable piece of advice you have received?

I think really that’s making sure to focus on what’s most important, and prioritizing.

Thanks very much.

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