Defence Team members recognized for contributions to Canada-U.S. defence partnership

Robert Billington with Andy Leal
Robert Billington with Andy Leal. Photo: DND

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Several Defence Team members from the Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) were recognized for their efforts contributing to the defence partnership between Canada and the United States by providing reciprocal quality assurance services.

Robert Billington, Director of the Defence Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Americas, personally congratulated the DQA personnel while he was in Toronto in early March to attend meetings.

Luciano Di Tommaso, Mathew Varughese and Victor Li were each presented with a DCMA coin and commemorative hockey puck for their continued support of the Recovery Assist Secure and Traverse program, and their efforts to provide objective quality evidence. Their efforts have resulted in improvements to the record-keeping process the Canadian contractor has in place to satisfy U.S. contractual requirements.

Sergeant Brian Reid was also presented with a DCMA coin and hockey puck for his outstanding performance and stalwart dedication. Through his diligence, DCMA was able to reconcile major discrepancies in U.S. government-owned material inventories held by a Canadian contractor dating back to 2012.

Finally, Andy Leal was recognized for his dedicated service supporting the U.S. government and military through oversight of the quality assurance services in Ontario and the Prairies.

The DQA is a directorate within Director General Materiel Systems and Supply Chain (DGMSSC) that oversees the manufacturing process for quality assurance. DQA personnel are frequently located in workplaces within the defence industry across the country or co-located with manufacturers of military materiel in Canada and abroad.

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  • Robert Billington and Mathew Varughese
  • Robert Billington and Victor Li
  • Robert Billington with Luciano Di Tommaso
  • Robert Billington with Sergeant Brian Reid
  • Robert Billington with Andy Leal
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