Celebrating Military Moms

"Military Moms" by Corporal Genevieve Lapointe
"Military Moms" by Corporal Genevieve Lapointe

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In recognition of Mother’s Day, we are celebrating military moms!

Corporal Genevieve Lapointe, Imagery Technician at the Combat Training Center in Gagetown, New Brunswick, ran a photography project with proud military moms. Here is how she described the project:

“I’ve always wanted to do this project. I wanted to show the pride and beauty of being a military mom. I am very proud to be part of the great Canadian Forces family, and I love that my daughter sees me heading out with a great smile on my face every morning… Also, as mothers, we have lots of photos of our kids and our husbands, but we often neglect ourselves and have very few mementos of ourselves with our kids, aside from some selfies and snapchat photos… I wanted to give these moms a beautiful souvenir of themselves in uniform!”

Are you celebrating the military mom in your life this weekend? Send your photos to Internal Communications, and we might include them in our gallery!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Image gallery

  • Sergeant Amelia Otis-Pedneault
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Krista Bouckaert and her son
  • Major Evelyne Lemire and her children
  • Major Heather Reibin and her children
  • Corporal Teri Allaby and her children
  • Captain Tara Timmons and her daughter
  • Master Corporal Samantha Bedgrow and her children
  • Master Corporal Roxane Ouellet and her children
  • Sergeant Pascale Lepage and her children
  • Sergeant Nicole Roache and her son
  • Captain Melissa Gilbride and her daughter
  • Corporal Kathy Dumont and her son
  • Private Kathy Maheux and her children
  • Aviator Lacey Leblanc and her son
  • Master Corporal Laura Brkic and her children
  • Master Seaman Mandy Smit and her son
  • Sergeant Marie-Eve Martin and her son
  • Master Corporal Marie-Ève Perreault and her children
  • Master Corporal Melanie Beaulieu and her children
  • Master Corporal Karine Talbot and her daughter
  • Able Seaman Karine Gourlie and her children
  • Joany Labelle and her son
  • Master Seaman Isabelle Thériault and her children
  • Master Seaman Helene Fournier and her daughter
  • Corporal Genevieve Lapointe and her daughter
  • Sergeant Emanuelle Dompierre and her children
  • Master Corporal Caroline Drouin and her kids
  • Corporal Christine Good and her children
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