Gallery: SSE Progress Highlights

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Click any image in the gallery below to review updates on the implementation of initiatives outlined in Strong, Secure, Engaged: Canada’s Defence Policy.

To learn more about the vision to implement SSE, read the article by Chief of Staff, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, Brigadier-General Kevin Horgan: Playing the long game on SSE implementation

Image gallery

  • Class at RMC Saint-Jean
  • Medals
  • Canadian troops in deployment
  • Diversity
  • CAF response during Quebec floods, 2017
  • Stock photo
  • Stock photo
  • CAF family
  • Artist rendering of an Offshore Patrol Ship
  • Victoria-class submarine
  • Army communications systems
  • Two CF-18s in flight
  • Fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft
  • ULCVs in a hangar
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance platform
  • Targeting systems
  • Cyber operator
  • Cyber force
  • Reservists
  • Portable solar panels used by DND/CAF
  • IDEas
  • F-18s

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