60 Seconds with LCdr Emily Lambert, Commanding Officer, HMCS Summerside

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Lieutenant-Commander Emily Lambert, Commanding Officer, HMCS Summerside


Off camera: Right, whenever you’re ready.

LCdr Lambert: I have to pick up those things myself?

Off camera: Yes.

LCdr Lambert: And read it myself??

Off camera: Yeah.

LCdr Lambert: Hello, my name is Lieutenant-Commander Emily Lambert. I’m the Commanding Officer of HMCS Summerside. I’m here in the Gulf of Guinea, for Op PROJECTION West Africa 2018. I’m here to take the ’60 Second Challenge’.

  1. Why did you join the Royal Canadian Navy?

I love swimming.

  1. What’s the best part of being Commanding Officer on Op PROJECTION in West Africa?

The best part is getting to know my crew. They’re the ones that inspire me every day.

  1. What is something you’ve never done but want to do?

Go to Egypt.

  1. As fast as you can, name all the West African countries visited through Op PROJECTION.

Alright. Well we start off in Cabo Verde but it wasn’t really in West Africa. But we did go to Dakar. After that we went to Abidjan, Monrovia, Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana.

  1. What was your favourite experience on Op PROJECTION?

Getting to know the culture of West Africa and making new friends in all the African countries that we went to.

  1. Tell us an interesting fun fact about you.

I absolutely adore my dog.

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