Air Task Force–Op CADENCE reaches new heights at G7 summit

2 Wing camp in Saint Irénée
On 14 May 2018, the 2 Wing Mission Support Element set up a camp in Saint Irénée to accommodate close to 700 CAF members during Op CADENCE in support of the G7 Summit. Photo: Avr Melyssa Gloude

2 Wing Bagotville (2 Wing) was deployed as an expeditionary wing with its own commander, Colonel Luc Guillette, as part of Operation CADENCE – the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) security support operation for the G7 Summit in Charlevoix, Que.

Col Guillette is proud of this expeditionary deployment in Canada, which was rare, as most of 2 Wing’s contributions of this kind occur out of country.

Before the start of air operations, members of 2 Wing built a camp from the ground up that was able to accommodate hundreds of members during the security operations. Thus, a pasture in the Charlevoix region became a site for members of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Navy as well as a food centre for other participating Canadian police forces posted at Saint‑Irénée.

As Commander of Air Task Force—Op CADENCE (ATF-C), Col Guillette was in charge of RCAF aircraft that were used for security, and the airlift of international VIPs travelling to Charlevoix for the G7.

The air operations called for a high level of coordination between the RCAF and other military organizations, in addition to coordination with the other security agencies.

The operation was a complete success, ensuring complete safety for international diplomacy.

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