Spotlight on the IM Group: Lights, camera, co-op students!

The DIMEUS team
The Director Information Management End-User Services (DIMEUS) team, from left to right: Rob Peters, Derrick Cochrane, James Norton, Steffano Perin, and Deonn Labelle. Photo: DND

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By Charlaine Sleiman, Information Management Group (IM Gp) Communications

The Director Information Management End-User Services (DIMEUS) offices at the Cumberland Building were the site of a recent video shoot that profiled the experiences of Algonquin College’s co-op program students who completed their placement at the Department of National Defence (DND).

DND won the “Outstanding Contribution to the Algonquin College Co-op” award, and in June, Algonquin College commemorated the occasion by filming a video to highlight the DIMEUS team’s experience with the co-op program.

Right before filming, Bonnie Oostandler, Director, DIMEUS, along with Alexandra Macklam, Communications and Marketing Officer for the co-op program, stopped by to thank the Algonquin College team for capturing a glimpse of the day to day operations in their office.

Garnet Fox, a recently bridged student from the co-op program, credited Algonquin College with supporting him through his placement. He also had a few words of advice for students thinking about enrolling in the co-op program: “Just do it…if you have the opportunity, take it!”

A recent graduate from the co-op program, Marc Abou-Antoun is now working on a casual contract. He credits his co-op placement with helping him get out of his comfort zone, adding: “You don’t go into co-op knowing exactly what you’re going to do, but you know the experience will be worth it.”

DIMEUS Co-op Coordinator, and proud Algonquin alumnus, Rob Peters was bridged into the IM Gp after graduation. Since then, he has been working with co-op students, and is humble when asked about his role in students’ careers. “Co-op students are fresh and eager to learn. What we teach them is how to work,” Rob stated.

Manager Anne-Marie O’Brien wrapped things up by touching on the relationship between DND and the co-op program. She shared that, from a business planning standpoint, hiring co-op students is “great for our succession planning.”

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