Total Health and Wellness team visits bases and wings

Total Health and Wellness Strategy development team
The Total Health and Wellness Strategy development team sits down with service providers on day one of the consultation visit in North Bay to discuss health and wellness programs. Photo: Major Edith Knight

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From June 25 to July 11, the Total Health and Wellness Development Team reached out to military and civilian Defence Team members across the country to get their opinions on health and wellness programs, to learn about specific challenges and opportunities for improvement, and to gather ideas for solutions.

Health and wellness touches every individual who is part of the Defence Team. It impacts our ability to deliver our mandate and be operationally effective. Prioritizing the men and women that make up the Defence Team is a top objective of Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE). Efforts are underway to develop a more comprehensive approach to care that considers psychosocial well-being in the workplace, the personal dimensions of health, and the physical work environment.

To better inform the Total Health and Wellness Strategy (THWS), the Deputy Minister and the Chief of the Defence Staff directed Lieutenant-General Charles Lamarre, Commander of Military Personnel Command (MPC), to conduct an analysis of National Defence’s approach to health and wellness, and assess our members’ health and wellness needs.

“Total Health and Wellness is an initiative that puts the individuals at the forefront of our business. Our team’s consultation visits at bases and wings represents an opportunity for focus, realignment, and improved coordination across the institution. We are reaching out to our members to seek their input, providing them the opportunity to impact how we want to approach total health and wellness,” said LGen Lamarre.

The team conducted a two-day program in Esquimalt, Halifax, 15 Wing Moose Jaw, 22 Wing North Bay, Gagetown, Kingston, Valcartier, and Borden. Through these consultations, Defence Team members were introduced to the THWS initiative, and had a chance to provide feedback on the strategy.

The information gathered from these consultations will be consolidated to develop a national view of common opportunities and challenges that can be addressed by the Total Health and Wellness Strategy in order to improve individuals’ quality of living, life and job satisfaction, and engagement at work.

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  • Total Health and Wellness Strategy development team
  • Total Health and Wellness Strategy development team
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