36 CBG engages Army cadets with Exercise SASH ROBUR

Cadet Master Corporal Hayley Amero of 1714 Annapolis Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps peers through a Howitzer artillery gun scope under the instruction of Sergeant Tim Lawlor of 1st Field Artillery Regiment, Halifax, during Ex SASH ROBUR 18. Photo by Captain Brittany Schneider.


Captain Felix Odartey-Wellington, 36 Canadian Brigade Group (36 CBG) Public Affairs

“This is my third year on SASH ROBUR,” Cadet Master Warrant Officer Desirae Bone said as she prepared to abseil down a tower at Camp Aldershot on May 27, “and it keeps getting better with even more fun activities.”

The cadet from 2741 Musquodoboit Harbour Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) was one of 58 senior RCACC members from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island participating in Exercise SASH ROBUR 18 at Camp Aldershot, Kentville, N.S. in late May. She described it as “simply awesome and positive.”

This is good feedback for Major Brent Kerr of the West Nova Scotia Regiment, who was the exercise director. “This is a 36 Canadian Brigade Group exercise for affiliated cadet corps. ‘SASH’ refers to the leadership sash worn in the army. ‘ROBUR’ is the Latin word for strength and comes from ‘Robur Atlanticum’ or ‘Atlantic Strength,’ 36 CBG’s motto,” he explained.

“In SASH ROBUR, we provide a tactical army environment where cadets can expand leadership skills with a focus on camaraderie, ethics, teamwork and a sense of achievement. Soldiers from various 36 CBG units familiarized cadets with equipment such as assault boats and the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle. Cadets also get to experience activities such as abseiling and an assault boat race.” – Major Kerr, Ex SASH ROBUR 18 Director

On his impressions, Maj Kerr said “the cadets are a fine example of Canadian leadership. We set the bar high based on feedback from previous exercises and they rose to the challenge. I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) officers, and extremely proud of the efforts and skills exhibited by the 36 CBG team. Most of all, I’m really happy that the cadets had fun.”

Lieutenant Jennifer Whitten, a CIC officer with 148 Charlottetown RCACC, agreed. Also a three-year veteran of SASH ROBUR, she said “the cadets love it. They get to meet other cadets and get great hands-on training from experienced reservists. The organizers applied feedback from previous exercise so, for example, this time, participants slept in tents in the field rather than in accommodations on base and they had a blast.”

36 CBG soldiers are actively engaged in their communities as citizen soldiers. Supporting local RCACC programs through SASH ROBUR is part of this community engagement.

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