ExecuTrek recruits spend a day in the life of CAF members

Members of the ExecuTrek team participated in a rappel during their visit to 8 Wing Trenton in June. Photo: Makala Chapman

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By Makala Chapman – The Contact

Special visitors to 8 Wing Trenton under the ExecuTrek Program found themselves immersed in a day in the life of a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force during a visit to Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Trenton in late June.

The ExecuTrek Program gives employers, supervisors and human resources professionals a first-hand view of the quality of military training and the benefits that employers can gain from that training – trade skills, general work and management skills, values, work ethics and much more.

Men and women representing employers across the region were put to the test as they rappelled from towers, ate traditional individual Meal Packs (IMP), and were run through a series of drills. They were also given the opportunity to fly in a CC-130 Hercules, sit in on a modified commander’s briefing session, as well as test their fear of heights as they lept from a mock tower on the north side of the base.

The visit also served as a chance to demonstrate and explain the importance of the work being done by members of the military. Julie Lange, the director of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council (CFLC) and honorary colonel of 436 Transport Squadron, helped organize the event. She noted that one of the primary missions of her organization was to inform businesses of the role reservists play. Since reservists also often hold civilian jobs, bringing awareness to their employers is even more important, added Lange.

“All the people here are corporate people in a position to hire or engage with reservists,” said Lange. “We ask that they learn about reservists and consider employing them.”

Lange went onto thank members of the base who helped make the ExecuTrek event possible, and noted the feedback she had received from the “recruits” had been all positive.

Expertly rappelling from a tower, grinning from ear to ear, was Jill Raycroft, the Chief Executive Officer of the Belleville Chamber of Commerce. She noted that prior to the event, she had heard very little about the work being done by the CFLC, and was eager to learn more.

“The CFLC and their intent to try to liaise (reservists) to civilian jobs is certainly one that the chamber of commerce has the opportunity to assist with,” she said. “I’m looking forward to having some conversations with them once this is done.”

As for how she enjoyed her military experience, Raycroft noted she had gotten a whole new appreciation for Canada’s service members. “The people who have helped us through each of these exercises have been phenomenal, so gracious, so warm and helpful,” she said.

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