Canadian Rangers get new rifles

MND announces rifle delivery
The new C-19 rifle is uniquely designed for the Canadian Rangers, and it is built in Canada, Photo: DND/CAF

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Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan announced delivery of the new C-19 rifle to the Canadian Rangers during a visit in Northern Canada on August 13.

The C-19, manufactured by Colt Canada, will replace the Lee Enfield .303 which has been in use by the Canadian Rangers since 1947. The C-19 is shorter, more powerful, and has been thoroughly tested for the rugged northern environment.

The Canadian Rangers are a part of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Reserves working in remote regions. They provide lightly-equipped, self-sufficient mobile forces to support CAF national security and public safety operations within Canada. They regularly train alongside other CAF members to remain prepared.

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