Lieutenant-Colonel Kirsten Dubreuil returns to 4 Mission Support Squadron as commanding officer

Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre grad parade
The Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre held its first grad parade of the summer on July 13, with 4 Mission Support Squadron Commanding Officer Lieutenant-Colonel Kirsten Dubreuil as Reviewing Officer. Photo: Captain Grant Cree

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By Jeff Gaye – The Courier

Lieutenant-Colonel Andrea MacRae, the first commanding officer of 4 Mission Support Squadron (4 MSS), transferred command to Lieutenant-Colonel Kirsten Dubreuil in July.

Lieutenant-Colonel MacRae told the unit she is proud of their “extensive list of accomplishments and the MSS’s ability to deliver time and time again when called upon.”

“A thought that was ever-present during my tenure was that the operational capability of the Wing resides in the abilities of our people,” she said.

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  • Lieutenant-Colonel Andrea MacRae
  • Cold Lake Cadet Training Centre grad parade

4 Wing commander Colonel Paul Doyle congratulated Lieutenant-Colonel MacRae for the unit’s accomplishments under her command.

“Yours has been exemplary service and the highest ideals in setting the best of examples for 4 MSS to follow,” he said. “Your commitment to the morale and welfare is something I think that you should be proud of and it is something that I admire.”

Colonel Doyle welcomed Lieutenant-Colonel Dubreuil, whose first posting in 2004 was to the Wing Supply section in Cold Lake. “Welcome back to the 4 Wing team,” he said. “Your career knowledge is going to put you in good stead here as the commander of this valuable organization. And as Andrea said, without 4 MSS we have no ops, we have no jet noise, we have no helicopter noise. We just cannot function. So it’s going to be yours to take care of your people as they take care of you. Point them in the right direction, get out of the way and be amazed with the success that they will bring.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine commanding the very unit that I started my career with some 14 years ago,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Dubreuil. She thanked Lieutenant-Colonel MacRae “for leading such a fine group of people and creating an MSS identity.”

“To the members of 4 MSS,” she said, “each one of you are specialist masters of your craft and I’m truly privileged to work alongside each of you. I encourage you to continue to hone that knowledge and skill so you can continue to provide top notch service to 4 Wing. Be proud of what you do and continue to do it so well.”

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