New Operation HONOUR website: more information, easier access


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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has launched a new and improved Operation HONOUR website to give everyone a better opportunity to access information and resources to understand, prevent and respond to sexual misconduct.

The new Operation HONOUR site, which can be found on, consolidates content formerly posted on, as well as the Defence Team Intranet. It also offers helpful new content, including:


“Every CAF member has a role to play in eliminating sexual misconduct. Our goal is to give personnel easy access to as many resources as possible,” says Commodore Rebecca Patterson, Director General of the CAF Strategic Response Team on Sexual Misconduct. “The new site is an excellent source for advice and resources for victims, bystanders and supporters, as well as leadership who are working to respond and engage with staff on the issue of sexual misconduct.”

In addition to offering enhanced content, the new Operation HONOUR site has been designed to improve usability, and it meets government web standards and accessibility guidelines.

Operation HONOUR is the CAF‘s mission to eliminate harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour in the Canadian military. Visit the Operation HONOUR website to learn more about sexual misconduct and what you can do to help address it.

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