Four ways Personnel Development can help with your career

Personnel Development provides career, education and transition support to military members. Photo: Sergeant Paz Quillé

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By Captain Victoria Benotto, CFSU(O) – The Guard

Personnel Development (PDev) is a sub-section of the Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) that provides career, education and transition support to military members of the National Capital Region. PDev is comprised of four Personnel Selection Officers (PSOs) and a team of six military and civilian staff, working as education reimbursement and administrative support staff.

Here’s a look at what the PDev team can do for you and your career:

  1. Career Change Help: Those looking for a career change can contact a PDev PSO for information about Occupational Transfers (formerly known as “re-muster” or “trade change”), discuss their commissioning options or get information about a Component Transfer from the Reserve to the Regular Force.
  2. Furthering Education: Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who are interested in furthering their education at any level (high school, college or university) can contact PDev to look at the options to fully or partially fund their studies and contact appropriate educational institutions.
  3. Release Assistance: Members who are releasing from the CAF for any reason can contact PDev to make an appointment to discuss their transition needs, and obtain useful information about education and training benefits that will be helpful. Together with PSOs, members can create a transition plan that makes full use of all programs offered by the CAF and partner organizations.
  4. Information Workshops: PDev offers a large number of workshops, such as regular Career Transition Workshops (CTWs) that help releasing members find meaningful work on civvy street; Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) seminars, held at least twice every year to introduce releasing members to the key players involved in their release such as Veterans Affairs Canada and pensions, and other one-off personnel development workshops, such as financial planning.

If you’re a CAF member who might benefit from these services, please do not hesitate to contact the PDev office or call 613-995-8334.

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