Canada delivers Female Personal Protective Equipment to the Jordanian Armed Forces

Female soldiers stand in a line holding rifles
Female soldiers prepare for the Arrival of the Canadian Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the day of the Donation Ceremony. Photo taken by CTAT-J Rotation 3


By a member of the Canadian Training Assistance Team – Jordan, Rotation 3

The Canadian Training Assistance Team – Jordan (CTAT-J) has delivered personal protective equipment to the Jordanian Armed Forces’ (JAF) female soldiers. Equipment donations are funded by Global Affairs Canada and part of a Whole of Government approach in support to the JAF. CTAT’s role is to collaborate with JAF to identify the needs and facilitate the donation process.

The donation ceremony occurred on the 10th of September 2018. The Canadian Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Peter MacDougall, presented 375 sets of personal protective equipment to the JAF Department of Military Women’s Affairs and the Quick Reaction Force Brigade. The equipment included tactical and fragmentation vests, ballistic plates, helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and goggles designed for use by female soldiers. This specifically adapted equipment will enable JAF servicewomen in the conduct of their everyday duties.

The Quick Reaction Force is the premier Jordanian land force formation. Based on a light infantry brigade, it has multiple enablers, such as a 37-member Female Engagement Team. This specialised platoon’s mandate is humanitarian assistance. As the secondary beneficiary of female personal protective equipment, the Female Engagement Team is further prepared for upcoming training exercises.

As part of the CTATs’ efforts in support of gender initiatives, 68 female servicewomen from the Department of Military Women’s Affairs received English language training in the spring of 2018. This training was extremely beneficial, as English language skills are a critical pre-requisite for international training opportunities. Upcoming initiatives include further training and support. A team of female Canadian Armed Forces members have arrived in Jordan this fall to assess their needs and provide mentorship and training to the Female Engagement Team.

Finally, the CTATs will host a Gender Seminar later this year in Jordan and in Lebanon targeted at senior officers and non-commissioned officers. There will be a Canadian keynote speaker followed by an interactive panel discussion. They will discuss gender perspectives on operational planning, gender integration and the benefits of mixed organisations, and the importance of gender training and awareness within the armed forces.

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  • Female soldiers stand in a line holding rifles
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