Halifax-class frigates to get radar upgrade

HMCS St John's
The frigate to receive the first antenna is currently expected to be HMCS St John's, in early 2021. The installation will coincide with its planned maintenance period schedules. Photo: LS Dan Bard, Formation Imaging Services HS06-2017-0932-010

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The Department of National Defence announced a contract in December to upgrade the radars installed on the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-class frigates.

Good weather or bad, our frigates need modern equipment to act as our eyes to safeguard Canadian waters and to participate in international operations.

The contract, awarded to Saab Microwave Canada, supports naval operators by providing them with modern and efficient equipment so they can continue to defend Canada’s coasts and protect our ships and our sailors, while helping to bolster our Navy across its fleets.

Our modernized multi-role frigates rely on equipment such as the Sea Giraffe to act as its far-seeing eyes. The Sea Giraffe 180 (SG-180) is a medium-range air and surface search radar. The upgrades to the antenna set will enhance its performance, increase its reach to up to 180 km, and provide new 3-D detection and tracking capability.

The Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy applies to this project, requiring Saab to make investments in the Canadian economy equal to the value of the contract. These investments will create and maintain jobs for Canadians and support economic growth.

“Our capacity to detect threats is critical to our ability to respond quickly with defence countermeasures. Canada’s defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, is all about making sure our women and men in uniform have everything they need to do their jobs. This contract will help equip our Navy’s women and men in uniform with more effective and combat-ready technology. We will continue to identify opportunities to enhance the Canadian Armed Forces as they proudly defend Canada, Canadians, and our allies,” said Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence.

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