CAF Story | “Nothing is impossible”

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(MG) It’s too easy to quit any job. Challenge, opportunity, when you want something, you just go after it.

I didn’t know I was gonna be a chief in the Special Forces, to be honest.

I joined the CAF in 1985 as a reservist. After being in the reserve for all summer, I kind of fell in love with the teamwork, the hard work, being outside all the time.
To be the first woman RSM at CANSOFCOM headquarters is a big accomplishment for me.

I took this as a great time for me to be a leader for the other women that’s gonna follow me so they know it’s possible to be a chief warrant officer in those organizations that are usually more men than women.


(Woman) Good morning, chief.

(MG) Good morning.

(Woman) Do you have a minute for me?

(MG) Yes. Please, come in.
How are you doing?

My big job is to look after people, their morale and welfare.

Well, today, it’s our annual sports day, CANSOFCOM annual sports day. Usually, it’s to welcome all the new members.

I believe in physical fitness every day. If you fit, you feel great, it’s easy on the mental health to get the same way.

A team building is very strong here. Even though you don’t know the person who just arrived, this kind of day, will, right away, it makes them a team. I want them to get out of the office and their workspace and come out and play.

Get in the game, allez-y! Right in! Go, go, go!

When I was attached with the CSOR, one of our mandate was to go and help the Jamaicans Special Forces to deal with maintaining their equipment, accountability of the equipment.

This is where you need to be strong in the front of another country. They were surprised there was a woman that was there the whole day. But one thing we have to remember: it is not about being a woman or being a man, it’s about being able to deliver what the commander wants you to do. And if you can do that, a woman has a place everywhere in the CAF.

You need to always remember as a leader: “Can I do it?” Don’t ask something that you cannot do. If I ask them to do ten pushups, I will be able to do ten pushups. I will ask something, but I can do it.

You’ve got to take care of yourself physically and mentally.

If you can find a balance between military and your own life, it’s easier to go through all those 33 years.

The satisfaction in my career is to be able to reach the small percentage of women who are the Chief.

33 years later, I’m still in shape and I am still passionate with the army. Being with CANSOFCOM brought me so many good things and I have to admit, it’s the best time in my career.

Nothing is impossible.

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