DT News: Op ARTEMIS, getting involved with Cadets, and Indigenous Summer Programs

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(P) In this episode, we learn how the Canadian Armed Forces’ are helping to make Middle Eastern waters more secure…

(S) … encourage CAF members to get involved with Cadet Organizations…

(P)…and open applications for the Canadian Armed Forces Indigenous Summer Programs

Operation ARTEMIS is the Canadian Armed Forces’ mission to help stop terrorism and make Middle Eastern waters more secure.

We’re joined by Commodore Darren Garnier to learn more about this operation.

(P) Hello Commodore Garnier. Can you explain in what ways the CAF are contributing to the security of Middle Eastern waters through this operation?

(D) Operation ARTEMIS is designed to lend support to the coalition maritime force based in Bahrain. I am in command of the Combined Task Force 150 which is the counter terrorism task force charged with securing the waterways of the northern Indian Ocean. In fact, its 3.2 million square miles of water space and that space is home to three of the most heavily trafficked and strategic water ways: the Bab-el-Mandeb, the Strait of Hormuz, and the Suez Canal. So what our mission is, is to make sure that we keep this water space open for the legitimate use of sea fares, free flow of goods and commerce on the high seas, and that we’re enabling business to flow and for economies to thrive in the region.

For a data point, there’s approximately 1 trillion dollars of commerce that flows through this areas every year. So there’s lots of temptation to do things that would seriously undermine our capacity as nations to ensure the peace and prosperity of our people. Specifically, CTF-150 ensures this security by focusing on the trade of illicit goods. Specifically narcotics out of Afghanistan through the coast of the northern Indian Ocean and the trade of illicit arms in the region as well.

(P) Thank you for joining us, Commodore Garnier

(D) It’s been a great pleasure. Thank you very much, everyone.

(S) The process for getting involved with Cadet organizations has recently become more streamlined for Canadian Armed Forces members.

Full and part-time opportunities for the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers programs are available as part of the Reserve Force.

Members of all ranks, trades and occupations can apply for placements at the program’s headquarters in Ottawa, any one of the 5 Regional Cadet Support Units, or at the many other Cadet Corps, Squadrons, and activity centres across the country.

If you are interested, please visit the related link for more information.

(P) Before we go, the application process for the Canadian Armed Forces Indigenous Summer Programs is now open.

With five summer training programs to choose, participants will be enrolled into the CAF for the duration of each six-week-long program.

(S) This will allow them to get a taste of military training with the option to continue their career if they so choose.

That’s it for us. Thank you so much for watching. See you next time…

(P) …for Defence Team News!

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