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Tag: <span>Recognition</span>

HMCS Kootenay survivor receives Wound Stripe 49 years after engine room explosion

– Nearly 50 years after being badly injured at sea as a result of the 1969 Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Kootenay explosion, a member of that ship’s company has been recognized for his sacrifice in service to his country.

Category: Defence Stories | Royal Canadian Navy
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Army members recognized for life-saving efforts at 2018 Army Run

– Ottawa, Ontario — Canadian Army personnel are among a group of first responders being honoured for their part in saving a life at the 2018 Canada Army Run.

Category: Canadian Army | Defence Stories
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Army commendations awarded for preventing Indigenous youth suicides

– Six members of the headquarters staff of the Canadian Rangers in Ontario have been awarded prestigious Canadian Army commendations for preventing youth suicides.

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