Submission Guidelines

Members of the Defence Team are welcome to submit articles, photos and videos to be considered for publishing.

The Maple Leaf is the official online magazine for members of the Canadian Armed Forces and employees of the Department of National Defence, and is produced by the Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs).

Submissions should be sent from a Defence email account (i.e. to Internal Communications. Please include metadatakeywords, and alt text, as well as the author’s or contributor’s name, phone number, and email address.

For reference, take a look at our article template (PDF).

Grammar and Style

Articles shall adhere to the following editing standards:

  1. Content Style Guide;
  2. Canadian Style Guide to Writing and Editing;
  3. Defence Terminology Bank (accessible only on the Defence Team intranet);
  4. Termium Plus, the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank; and
  5. The Gage Canadian Dictionary.


Articles should not exceed 450 words in English (500 in French).

By-lines and Photo Credits

By-lines and photo credits should be included when available. Include first names and military ranks.


High-resolution imagery (e.g. a photo, chart or graph) must accompany submissions, along with captions. Images should clearly communicate the subject matter. Cover images must not contain any text.

Images must be high-resolution:


Captions must include a description of the photo and photo credit. Ranks, as well as the first and last names of people in photos, must be provided. Photos without these details will not be included.


To meet accessibility and official languages guidelines and standards, videos submitted for publication on The Maple Leaf web site must meet certain display criteria, including proper transcriptions and closed or open captioning.


Do not send video files by email due to their size. Rather, contact Internal Communications to discuss options.


Submissions must be sent in both official languages, except for articles submitted by individuals without access to linguistic services through their organization.


Articles must be approved by the submitting organization’s chain of command, before submission. In cases when submissions are incorporated into larger articles by CIC, a copy of the final article will be provided to the contributor for information purposes and, if necessary, to verify facts.


CIC reserves the right to reject submissions, and edit submissions for style, content, grammar, and length. Submissions may be rewritten or incorporated into a larger article for greater depth and reach.

Please include a letter or email from your chain of command showing that your article and photographs have been approved.